Her Older Sister And Her Divine Titties Lala Anzai Rara Anzai smiled at me and walked into the bedroom. Many people should not have triple beds of us lying on the flower tiles to sleep in the living room. Right now no one younger sister movies is playing the push box game. Having been competing for a while, everyone fell asleep so I could play alone. Just through this door I want to solve the next door. That's why I stopped falling asleep.
I ran to the toilet, when I walked back and passed Rara Anzai's room, the dim electric light of the nightlight was coming from Rara Anzai's room. It turned out that Rara Anzai just closed the door but didn't close. I pushed the door and entered the room, sleeping Rara Anzai with her hands on her head. Rara Anzai's chest was just enough to make her shirt protrude slightly higher than others. Rara Anzai wears striped shorts. Inserting my head into the curtain, I put my palms up on Rara Anzai's chest because Rara Anzai's penetrate chest is still small, so I haven't worn a dress. I put my hand in to feel better. I see that Rara Anzai's chest has a hard cock. Probably in puberty. Rara Anzai startled to pull the covers up to her neck. I raised my hand to my mouth to signal Rara Anzai did not say anything I said:
If Rara Anzai reacts, I will go out. But Rara Anzai just opened her eyes to look at me and then closed it, no response. I was about to turn around but seeing that I thought for a moment and then reached inside the blanket to touch Rara Anzai's breasts. Rara Anzai still closed her eyes and slept without any protest, I squeezed a bit harder into the hard lump on Rara Anzai's chest. Rara Anzai startled slightly maybe Rara Anzai was hurt. I know these teenage girls like Rara Anzai, they are still very confused about love. So I have to make Rara Anzai feel love.
I started to kiss Rara Anzai's lips. Inserted her tongue into Rara Anzai's mouth. Take the stone blade to Rara Anzai's tongue. Rara Anzai's tongue also began to move. Rara Anzai stuck her tongue out to my mouth, I pursed my lips and sucked Rara Anzai's tongue. Right now, I'm on top of Rara Anzai, my arms wrapped around Rara Anzai's shoulders. Rara Anzai also started hugging my waist. Now I kissed on Rara Anzai's ear and lightly bit the ray on Rara Anzai's earlobe, Rara Anzai breathed hard and gasped. I slowly licked down Rara Anzai's neck. Rara Anzai was still closing her eyes, but seemed to be breathing much faster. I put my hand inside the shirt to massage my breasts. Pulling up Rara Anzai's shirt, Rara Anzai's breasts revealed a pair of breasts that had no nipples. I know it is impossible to explore Rara Anzai's body more. I whispered.